Why is Kylo in so Much Pain?

It can’t just be the daddy issues. I don’t buy it. Especially after killing Snoke—yet another failed father-figure from Kylo’s warped perpective. While the theme of failed male role models holds solid—Han, Luke, and Snoke—there isn’t quite enough trauma or heartbreak to have formed such a gaping hole in Ben Solo’s psyche through which the Dark Side has been able to invade his moral and emotional core. He needs something else. Some other blow to the purity of his soul to explain what made him so vulnerable to corruption. It’s like Simon from Session 9: “I dwell in the weak and the wounded, Doc.”


My top idea is that he had a love interest of some kind while at Luke’s little Jedi Camp. This is something that I think Mr. Isaac would be on board with. I think Ben should have a boy that breaks his heart around the same time that he’s feeling homesick and missing his parents. This sort of rejection after feeling abandoned by his parents would be the perfect set up for Luke’s little freakout to send him over the edge. It would all make more sense. The brooding, the difficulty in dealing with his feelings for Rey, and his struggle with male role-models would have a well-rounded explanation. It would also satisfy the calls for a homosexual or even bicurious relationship to finally reach the Star Wars main stage.

Perhaps another type of loss or rejection could explain the anguish that made him putty in Snoke’s hands. Either way, it looks like whenever Kylo is feeling especially unsure and struggles with his inner feelings, he gets extra murder-ish toward those whom he feels have a hold of some kind over him. When he was torn between feeling the “call to the light” and his feelings of betrayal and vengeance, he finally killed his father. When confused of how he felt about Rey and what she meant to him, he killed Snoke. When Rey turned him away, his drive to kill Luke went into overdrive. An emotional trauma would function well as the spark that sent him over the edge.

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