How Hard Was Life for Rey on Jakku?

 Her life has changed in an absolute whirlwind. It would be overwhelming to the average citizen with an average amount of social interaction and excitement in their daily life, so it would be borderline spirit-breaking to a loner like Rey. Of course, we know that she is no average chick, so its understandable that she has risen to the challenge. Otherwise this story would suck, and would be much shorter. But why is it that she is so comfortable with taking lives and killing?

            From shooting stormtroopers to slaughtering and dismembering the Praetorian guards, she seems unphased by her own production of carnage. Perhaps the next chapter(s) of the current trilogy will address how she copes with her violence and what causes her to realize that the soldiers of the First Order are, in fact, human. It would seem likely that Finn, who has shed his uniform — the primary tool used by the First Order to dehumanize its troops — would remind both Rey and the audience that reform for First Order troops is possible and that they are all people, capable of emotion and feeling.

I mean, who cares about chopping a bunch of toy soldiers or droids? I think it’s important to unmask the enslaved troops of the First Order so that both Rey, the Resistance, and us with the faces stuffed with popcorn see that symbolic transition from interchangeable drone to individual person. Especially after hacking the Praetorian guards to bits without a shred of mercy or hesitation.

The light and good need to retain their value for human life to be truly good. Rey should be the example that the others follow in this revelation.

           It’s a completely different story, however, if Rey has spilled more blood as a scavenger than we’d assume. Sure, we saw that she was a spry, scrappy lone wolf with considerable skill thwacking foes with her staff. But did she have to snap some necks in her hard-knock life as a slave/scavenger with no family?

It’s hard to believe considering her otherwise unwavering moral compass and her quickly developed sense of loyalty. That’s why I really hope Rey’s journey through dealing with both destroying lives and the volume of her personal death toll is addressed in a future film.

This article is in no way affiliated with Disney, LucasFilm, or Star Wars. All Star Wars content is © Lucasfilm Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

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