A website and blog for misfits and movie lovers.


Welcome to The Glitch, a blog-based website for anyone looking for a fresh take on movies, tv, books, and the world we live in. While I’m getting started, I’ll be adding articles about my favorite movie franchises and tv shows with my own unique perspective. I chose the name ‘Glitch’ to refer to Penelope’s nickname from Wreck It Ralph. She’s negatively called ‘The Glitch’ because her code is warped, causing her to ‘glitch’ and jump through and around objects in ways that defy the physics of the game.

My brain works in a similar fashion. It’s both a blessing and a curse, but ultimately part of who I am. I don’t see things quite like everyone else; I overlook the obvious and observe the ignored. My thought patterns are neither linear nor lateral, but somewhere in the Twilight Zone in between. Having ADD, I desperately need to unload the creative energy and the bursts of ideas that are inspired from the movies and TV that I watch and the books that I read.

I hope my zigzag, paradoxically normal-yet-unusual perpective enriches your life or entertains you in some way. Soon I will add info about the long-term plans I have for the site, but for now it will be simple while I get the hang of putting my thoughts into the blog and start to post more regularly. If you like the articles, please comment, follow, and tell your friends and family!